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We love what we do and apparently others do too!

Kimberley & Grant
2022-12-04 13.17.39.jpg

I'm so glad we met!! Thank you for planning the most beautiful wedding! Logan, Bridesman

Thank you for everything! We had a blast working with you! Katie, Bird and Rose

The wedding was perfect. Could not have been any better! Merrill, Mother of the Groom

THANK YOU for everything!!! The wedding was perfect. Kim & Grant are over the moon and their guests can't stop talking about it. When it's time, you better know I will be pushing others to use Plan It With Me. You are the best! Kristi, Mother of the Bride

Simply put, you and the catering
crew presented an absolutely perfect wedding for Kimberley and Grant. I remain totally pleased. And I sincerely hope that we witness more of your talents int he coming years! Michael, Father of the Bride

We are over the MOON! Our wedding was everything we dreamed of and cannot thank you enough!!!! Kimberley

Allyson & Nelson

"We just wanted to thank you for making our wedding a truly unforgettable night. You blew our wildest dreams out of the water and we had the best day ever!"

Allyson & Nelson were the first client to hire us off of TikTok. If you haven't checked out our "tips" page, be sure to visit us on TikTok: @weddingtips

Allyson & Nelson
Laurel & Rhett

Flawless execution of the biggest celebration we have ever given. Kathy worked with us to secure vendors, finalize a timeline, coordinate all deliveries and implement all of our visions. The bride and I got to enjoy our day knowing all the details were being meticulously coordinated. All of her suggestions were based on years of experience and totally accurate. If their were any glitches in the evening festivities, I never knew it as they were handled professionally by Kathy and her team. I can not recommend them enough!

Rachel & Tyler

I was hesitant to hire a wedding planner because I thought I could do this all on my own. After we hired our photographer and picked our venue I quickly realized not only could I not do it on my own, I didn't want to. I found Kathy through social media and after the first call I new she was the planner for us! 
Kathy was fantastic every step of the process. She is highly communicative and if she can't respond to your request or question right away she will at the very least respond and let you know when you can expect to hear from her. My now husband had a hard time understanding why we hired a planner, as he wasn't the person doing the planning. After the wedding was finished and I asked him what he thought. His exact words were, "Whatever we paid her, it wasn't enough. EMPTY THE ACCOUNTS". Two weeks have passed since my wedding and if something went wrong I still don't know about it. Kathy was so hands on and took care of everything. I was able to fully enjoy my wedding day with no stress at all. Several people commented on how "chill" I was all morning and I have Kathy to thank for that. Hiring Kathy for your wedding day is the best thing you can do to make sure you are able to be fully present and enjoy your wedding day. I couldn't talk highly enough about her!

Kelsey & Jake

Plan It With Me was our secret weapon on our wedding day! It was truly the most magical day and a dream come true wedding! We absolutely loved our wedding journey with Plan It With Me. Kathy is a real life superhero. Prior to our wedding day, we had very productive meetings/conversations leading up to the day, I could also count on her to there for me in the difficult times of the planning process as well. As a Bride, I highly recommend Kathy and her team, they know exactly how to communicate with the couple, family/friends of the couple, and most importantly, the vendors. Kathy is the best planner, greatest advocate and sweetest friend all in one package! If you want the best/smoothest experience for your wedding day, book with Plan It With Me!!! Oh, and be sure to check out her TikTok page. I immediately knew she was the right fit for us after watching her video: What your timeline should look like?

Claire & John

Kathy and her team were absolutely phenomenal! Kathy was extremely helpful with vendor recommendations, reminders, helping plan overall and even calmed me down several times during the stress of wedding planning (i.e. she's also a therapist). There is a 0% chance our wedding would have gone so smoothly without Kathy and her team. Her assistant helped pin the bottom layer of my dress up before the first dance because I kept tripping on it and even followed us during sunset photos to get behind the scene pics and continue helping with my dress. Kathy was running the show ensuring all vendors were on time, dressed appropriately, and providing the services we expected. She even surprised us with a live wedding painter at our wedding!! The painting is gorgeous and something we will cherish for the rest of our lives. Kathy had tons of photos uploaded to our Dropbox not even 24 hours after the event and really just went above and beyond in every way. The money we spent on her planning services was by far one of the most vital of the wedding day expenses, as everything would have been incredibly chaotic without her and her team. Not only is Kathy extremely knowledgeable she is so fun to be around and will always shoot you straight if you’re making a decision she thinks you’ll regret. Cannot say enough great things about Plan It With Me. If you are debating hiring Kathy and her team, let this be your sign to DO IT (before she books up!!!) She will make sure every part of your wedding goes smoothly and turns out just as you’d hoped! 

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Bride being kissed by the Groom
Kyndal & Ray

"Kathy and her team were absolute life savers and a complete dream to work with. As the bride, I had a lot of moving parts I was dealing with and Kathy really helped me organize and manage everything that I wanted to have happen on the big day. There are really no words to thank Kathy enough for everything that she did for us! She is THE BEST at communication and is not afraid to step in and help if you are unsure about the many options you have along the way. I HIGHLY recommend Kathy to anyone needing help planning their big day! My parents and my husbands parents also adored Kathy and continually told me how happy they were that I found her! It was the best decision we could have made choosing Kathy to help us with our wedding day!"

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