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Allyson & Nelson

"We just wanted to thank you for making our wedding a truly unforgettable night. You blew our wildest dreams out of the water and we had the best day ever!"

Allyson & Nelson were the first client to hire us off of TikTok. If you haven't checked out our "tips" page, be sure to visit us on TikTok: @weddingtips

Allyson & Nelson
Amber & David

Full disclosure, a second marriage for both of us. That being said, I highly recommend a wedding planner! Even if you are planning your wedding with your Mom, MIL, sister, bestie, etc. you should still hire a planner and, besides choosing to go on that first date, hiring Kathy was the best decision we've made!! 

I'd planned one before and thought it would be no-big-deal but after checking some big things off our list (venue, honeymoon) we got bogged down with next steps. We were being extra picky (what we didn't have for our first weddings) and it is exhausting and time consuming to vet vendors on your own (and all this while the bride is trying on a million dresses) only to worry if you've made a good choice. Kathy, and her team made planning and executing our special day seamless and perfect! It was so awesome having someone listen to what we wanted and guide us through the details.


Her recommendations of proven vendors made choosing much easier and we knew we were getting someone who would not disappoint! We were able to book all of our vendors very early making sure our date was available. All of the vendors were great to work with and Kathy was there for every meeting to help customize our plans.  Zero stress and every detail was handled. From cakes to color of flatware, from genre of music to arranging the tables, from pinning my falling bustle at the beginning of the reception to pivoting and calling an Uber when our limo was delayed for our exit ....Kathy and her team at Plan It With Me, made our night perfect!!

Megan & Cullen

"If you are a bride or the parents of a bride, do yourself a huge favor and hire Kathy Bull to help plan your special day. There are many decisions and fine details that need to be made and managed prior to, during, and following a wedding. Kathy is the perfect person to help make the day stress free and run with the precision and grace of a fine swiss watch. Kathy helped us plan weddings for both our daughters. The weddings were vastly different in size and venue, but Kathy was a common denominator that made each one perfect. We are forever indebted to Kathy and quite frankly we have come to love her. She is simply amazing."       -Father of the Bride, John G.

Bride being kissed by the Groom
Kyndal & Ray

"Kathy and her team were absolute life savers and a complete dream to work with. As the bride, I had a lot of moving parts I was dealing with and Kathy really helped me organize and manage everything that I wanted to have happen on the big day. There are really no words to thank Kathy enough for everything that she did for us! She is THE BEST at communication and is not afraid to step in and help if you are unsure about the many options you have along the way. I HIGHLY recommend Kathy to anyone needing help planning their big day! My parents and my husbands parents also adored Kathy and continually told me how happy they were that I found her! It was the best decision we could have made choosing Kathy to help us with our wedding day!"

Jacqueline & Matt

"Kathy and her assistant did a fabulous job as being my Day of Wedding Planner!!! I wanted the "WOW" effect for my wedding and with their help I got! All of my friends and family had a wonderful time at the wedding! I could not have done it without their help! Could not ask for a better wedding planner! They were super professional, tons of fun, extremely helpful, easy to communicate with, and very personable! I highly recommend Plan It With Me!"

Bride and Groom at the reception
Bride and Groom kissing
Raya & Charlie

Before Kathy, planning a wedding seemed like putting a jigsaw puzzle together (with no photo on the box for reference). Kathy helped us put each pretty piece together to bring our dream day to life, making the complicated process easy for us to manage and each element enjoyable to work on. She's an etiquette pro for formalities, but can help you break the “rules” when you want to get creative. When you're feeling lost in the minutiae, she’ll help you focus on the big picture. That really allowed me to quit dwelling on some of the more insignificant details and enjoy the process of planning a fun day. Kathy helped guide us in making decisions big and small (from choosing the perfect ceremony for us, to how to number our tables). We couldn't have done it without her. Not without her knowledge and expertise, her honest opinions, or her ability to get everyone down the aisle on time on the big day. Kathy made it the top priority that I got to enjoy the big day. Instead of fussing with details as I tend to do, she encouraged, me to go relax and allow everything to fall into place as was planned. While I drank a mimosa and focused on getting ready, all my dreamy wedding visions were being put together under Kathy’s watchful eye. I don’t even know where to begin expressing gratitude for helping orchestrate a day that is one of the loveliest and most memorable days of my life.

Natasha & Timothy

Kathy was a godsend during the wedding planning process. She made herself available to talk to me if I was upset over a vendor or a family member, and she knew exactly what to say to ease my mind. She's efficient, timely in response with emails/texts/phone calls, and handled irritating vendor issues when I was on edge. I have a very controlling personality when it comes to planning and executing things, but I trusted her completely to execute what I envisioned and to make final decisions on wedding day when issues arose. Best decision and money spent for wedding when I was booking vendors and deciding what services I needed!

I would recommend Plan It With Me to anyone!

Bride and Groom Kissing
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